Since I obtained my PhD, I’ve been teaching in several university departments, in the following areas:

  • Associative Learning (University of Deusto)
  • Operant Conditioning (University of Deusto)
  • Language and Reasoning (University of Deusto)
  • Research Topics in Psychology (University of Deusto)
  • Learning Psychology (KU Leuven) (this course, in English, was directed to Erasmus students)
  • Neuropsychology and Education (Universidad Internacional de La Rioja)
  • Programming Online and Offline Psychological Experiments (University of Deusto) (covering mostly PsychoPy, HTML, CSS and JavaScript)
  • How to Write a Scientific Report (University of Deusto)
  • Longitudinal Methods (University of Deusto)
  • Reasoning (University of Deusto)
  • Language (University of Deusto)
  • Research Methods and Statistics (Master studies – University of Deusto)
  • Bayesian statistics (University of Deusto)
  • Human Resource Management (University of Granada)
  • Social Psychology (University of Granada)

Thus, I can teach in Spanish or English, covering subjects from basic learning processes to research methods or introductory neuropsychology.

I have also promoted MA theses both in English and in Spanish.